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The Author John MaceAuthor John Mace has spent much of his life living and working in the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa. An Oxford University graduate and former European Commission official, he worked in Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria and elsewhere in the Arab world. During a 12 year period in the region he worked first in the oil sector (in personnel planning, recruiting and training), and latterly as overseas Delegate of the European Commission managing European Development Fund projects.

An experienced teacher, he has published a series of language books on Arabic for students, travellers and business professionals who plan to work in the Arab world.

This e-book has a good pedigree. From 1999 to 2012 it was published in two successful editions as a paperback within the Teach Yourself series of Hodder & Stoughton in London and McGraw Hill in the USA. Now, with the added sounds and visual aids that this interactive one-to-one course offers, John Mace has made further improvements to help you learn Arabic script more quickly and easily.

What people say about John Mace’s language books
Over the course of two decades, John Mace has written a number of successful books on Arabic and Persian for beginners, students, business people, travellers and those with an interest in the Middle East and North Africa. This is what readers say:

First, reviews of the Arabic Script for You course when published in its paperback book format:

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Arabic Script pub. 1999/2003 Hodder & Stoughton (UK) and McGraw-Hill (USA), now out of print.

Book Teach Yourself Beginner’s Arabic Script“This is the best beginners’ Arabic book I’ve ever seen. In the introduction Mace gives you clear tips on memorization that you can apply to anything else you might ever want to learn. The book is only 168 pgs long– but the wealth of information inside is astounding. I’ve looked through many of the beginners’ Arabic books – but this is the only one I decided to purchase.”Candice A. Gee, Houston, Texas, USA.
“Overall, a fine beginner’s book that is almost an essential supplement to any course in Arabic, especially if you’re going the self-study route.”
Magellan, Santa Clara, California
“I have tried to learn Arabic on my own using various sources and this is by far the best I have come across. John Mace introduces the student to the alphabet in easy stages rather than the whole alphabet at once (which can be a little daunting) and adds a little grammar in each unit. I cannot recommend this book too highly.”
Sara, Leek, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Other books by this author:
Arabic Today (2nd edition): a Student Business and Professional Course in written and Spoken Arabic pub. 1996/2008 Edinburgh University Press (UK) and Oxford University Press (USA)

Book Arabic Today (2nd edition): a Student Business and Professional Course in written and Spoken Arabic“I really love this book as it is one of the few which manages to strike some kind of balance between the written language and the spoken colloquials.” Shayn Mccallum, İstanbul, Turkey
"Have you seen 'Arabic Today' by John Mace? I'd call it the best Arabic teaching book on the market. A superb combination of conversational and business Arabic, presented first in transliteration and then in Arabic script." Richard, August 2009
“I am writing to congratulate you on the publication of your Arabic course. I think that it will meet a real need and I wish it every success. I shall certainly use it in my courses here in Edinburgh.” Carole Hillenbrand, Professor of Islamic History, Edinburgh University (letter to the author on publication of the 1st edition, quoted here by kind permission of Prof. Hillenbrand)

Arabic Grammar for Reference and Revision pub. 1998/2008 Edinburgh University Press (UK) and Oxford University Press (USA)

Book Arabic Grammar for Reference and RevisionWhat does Amazon say about the book?
“In Arabic Grammar, he provides a compact but wide-ranging introductory guide to students of written Arabic. A well-edited and concise book of Arabic grammar that can be utilised by students at almost all levels, making as few assumptions regarding knowledge of the language as possible.”



Persian Grammar for Reference and Revision pub. 2003 Routledge Curzon (UK)

Book Persian Grammar for Reference and Revision“This is the grammar book I wish I had found first!’
TD Boyle, Chicago, Illinois, USA





Basic Arabic Workbook pub. 2005 Bennett & Bloom (UK) and Hippocrene (USA)

Books Basic Arabic Workbook“An unusual but excellent text. The author conducts a point by point review of grammar rules while also introducing a news and media-oriented selection of related vocabulary items in each chapter. John Mace has a wonderful way of distilling rules simply and clearly.”
Richard Deveno, Alameda, California, USA
“Fabulous book – I cannot say enough good about it! I learned the script in about 3 days of solid practice and it is not as difficult as I thought. Special thanks to this author for his ability to provide practical information and vocabulary.”   
David Nardella, Illinois, USA


Other Arabic publications by author John Mace 

Books Intermediate Arabic Workbook

Intermediate Arabic Workbook 
pub. 2006, both Bennett & Bloom (UK) and  Hippocrene (USA)




Books Arabic Verbs

​Arabic Verbs 
pub. 2007, both Bennett & Bloom (UK) and Hippocrene (USA)




                                               Book Business Arabic: An Essential Vocabulary
                                    Business Arabic Vocabulary
                                    in collaboration with Prof. Mai Zaki,
                                    American University, Sharjah.
                                    pub. 2021,
                                    Edinburgh University Press (UK) and
                                    Georgetown University Press (USA)