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‘Arabic Script for You’ course by John Mace. Quick, easy, enjoyable and FREE. Learn to read Arabic print and to read and write Arabic handwriting.

Do you want to learn to read Arabic print and to read and write Arabic handwriting? Do you find the Arabic script interesting, but mysterious? And Arabic pronunciation? Perhaps you are planning an extended trip to an Arab country on holiday or for business. Perhaps you wish to study Arabic at university?

Then John Mace’s self-teaching E-book course Arabic Script for You, based on his successful paperback book Teach Yourself Beginner’s Arabic Script, is what you need (see the Contents page). You can start straight away. Just download the lesson-foIder – no special software needed – and it’s entirely FREE. No previous knowledge of Arabic script or the Arabic language is needed. You could be reading, writing, understanding and correctly pronouncing Arabic words, phrases and sentences in a very short time. See Downloading below.

This free interactive course will take you from zero knowledge of Arabic to reading posters and information notices, signs, street names, directories, advertisements, news headlines, labels on things you buy and much more. You will be able to write useful words, phrases and sentences in good Arabic handwriting and pronounce them with a good accent. And to use an Arabic dictionary. This beginner’s course is entirely FREE.  Simply download the folder of PDF course pages (with auto-play pronunciation files and handwriting demonstrations) and start learning. No special cookies or software needed, so it is secure and safe to use. And once it is downloaded, there’s no need for an Internet connection – you can learn anywhere, at any time.

What is meant by ‘Arabic script’?
This course in Arabic script is not about fine-art calligraphy or decorative writing. It’s for people who want to master ordinary modern print and handwriting as used by Arabs in their day-to-day lives.

Better than learning from a paper book
Like its paperback predecessor, this course teaches you printed Arabic and everyday Arabic handwriting in easy, logical stages. In addition to handling the alphabet, you learn how to derive new words, and how to combine your words in useful expressions and sentences. PLUS, in this electronic edition two new media features have been added, embedded in the course pages (i.e. no Internet connection is needed):

By double-clicking on the sound icon (the red loudspeaker) in the margin of the page, you can hear the correct Arabic pronunciation of the words listed in the accompanying text, recorded by a native university graduate Arabic speaker.

   By double-clicking on the script icon (the red map pin) in the margin of the page,
    you can follow the correct handwriting of the word marked in the accompanying text,
    and hear its correct pronunciation.  

You can repeat these operations as often as you wish. The Introduction​ chapter of the book gives full instructions. 

This e-book is the only version with these features. Other e-book versions have been offered on the Internet, all without the author's approval. None of them has this media content.

Simply read and accept the conditions of use shown below, then click once on the 'Download' button at the end of this page, and the course folder – containing PDF files with accompanying recorded pronunciation and animated handwriting demonstrations – is yours to keep.

With the course folder on your computer*, you can study whenever you like, wherever you like – no need for an Internet connection, no need for special reader software, and no waiting for streaming.

* PLEASE NOTE: The course folder will be downloaded as a compressed or ‘zipped’ archive under the title arabicscriptforyou.zip. Depending on your system, the folder may download to your Downloads folder or a folder you select. This takes up to 3 minutes. After downloading, this 'zipped' folder may open automatically; if not, open it by double-clicking, or right-click once and > 'Open' or > 'Extract all'. The lesson PDFs will then be viewable and ready for use via Adobe Reader©.

Copyright and conditions of use of this course
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IMPORTANT: The contents of this website and all Arabic Script for You course material contained in the download folder are the property of the author, John Mace. Permission is granted to download and reproduce the contents of the Arabic Script for You course material, free of charge, for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring, reselling or lending is prohibited. In all cases this notice must be respected. In downloading this course you also confirm that you accept these conditions.

Harbour in the GulfTo accept these conditions of use and to download the course, click once on the 'Download' button below.
For system requirements concerning your computer, please see the reference on the FAQs page.

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Enjoy learning this beautiful script, and something of the rich Arabic language behind it.